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Submit mailbox: [email protected] Headline Client News CorrespondentWeekly waveReport: Since the beginning of school, Lingchuan Sanxiao has attached great importance to the safety education activities of teachers and students of the school. It is led by the party branch secretary and principal of the school to jointly formulate a thorough implementation plan to jointly carry out a series of various forms and rich contents.Activities to fully cover safety education.The leader of the school attaches great importance to it, and follows the whole process and always pay attention to the state of teachers and students.

Training site (weekly/picture)

  During the evacuation exercise, the students’ attitude was very serious, and quickly bent over to cover the noses.

Evacuation drill (weekly/picture)

  Professional firefighters of the emergency management department of Linchuan District came to the school to conduct training on fire safety skills of teachers and students at the school at the school playground.During the live demonstration, firefighters explained the correct use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrant.Under the guidance of firefighters, the teachers and students participating in the exercise mastered the use of fire extinguishers and improved their ability to rescue.

  Police officers of the Fouzhou Traffic Police Brigade brought the first lesson of traffic safety to the teachers and students of the school to help build the campus traffic safety defense line.”Classmates, what kind of transportation do you usually go to and from school?” The police asked questions to the students present, and the event opened in a relaxed and active interactive communication.The police set out from the daily travel of primary and secondary school students, and explained various safety matters that they need to pay attention to by various daily travel methods such as walking, bicycles, and motor vehicles.