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How many of Xingtai’s 8 most popular foods have eaten?

fried dumpling

The pot sticker is a well -known traditional snack in China, which belongs to fried stuffed snacks.Exquisite and delicious.Xingtai Pot is one of the 10 places in Hebei Province.The staple stuffing is thin, the outer coke is tender, the juice is abundant, and the aftertaste is endless.The pot sticker is well -known because of its “outer coke and tenderness” and “fragrant but not greasy”.

Daokou roast chicken

Xingtai Daokou Roasted Chicken is a famous meat and food in Xingtai area in Hebei.

Longyao Sheep Decoction

In Longyao County, Hebei Province, North China, drink a bowl of original “Longyao Sheep Soup” to enjoy the delicious and delicious mellow beauty.The oil is thick, the milky soup color is paired with bright green onion, the white heat is rolled, and a fresh and rich fragrance comes up, making the appetite inspiring.

Black home dumplings

Black Family Dumplings, Hebei Snacks, Higher Flavor, Famous Snacks in Xingtai area.This dumpling filling the back seat of the sheep, the upper brain, and the spine of the meat and the small grinding sesame oil are mixed.The stuffing is tender and refreshing.Xingtai’s “Black Family Dumplings” has a large skin and unique flavor. It has been released for more than 70 years. After several winds and rain, it is not changed. The production process is meticulous.

Guangzong Port

Guangzong Pippi, also known as the wind blowing big oil cake, is a delicious traditional snack, which belongs to Hebei cuisine.Golden and transparent, thin and uniform, very good selling, soft flavor, extremely delicious.Guangzong Porte, also known as “wind blowing big oil cake”.The origin of this name should be because of its “thin” — a piece of oil cake with a diameter of one and a half, only three or four, you can imagine its thinness.Guangzong Pippi is not only golden and transparent, thin and uniform, and very good for selling. More importantly, it is soft and delicious.

Weixian Fire Burning

Weixian Fire is a famous traditional snack in Xingtai City, Hebei.It is famous for its unique craftsmanship and crispy taste.”Weixian Fire Burning” in Xingtai City is famous for its unique craftsmanship and crispy taste.Because it is like beef tongue, commonly known as “beef tongue burning”, it is one of the famous local flavor snacks in Xingtai.

Linxi cake roll meat

In Xingtaiwei County, Hebei, there is a kind of famous “cake roll meat”. The beef cake rolls out of the pan are not greasy, soft and pale, nutritious, and old and young.Oil cakes are refined by thin, soft, cotton, and fragrant.

Nangong smoked vegetables

Nangong smoked vegetables is a traditional famous dish in Nangong City, Hebei Province, and belongs to the Hebei cuisine.This dish uses high -quality pork, and add fresh eggs, pure mung bean starch, ginger and small grinding sesame oil in proportion, stir into porridge -like, and pour into the casing.Nangong smoked dishes use high -quality pork, and add fresh eggs, pure mung bean starch, ginger and small grinding sesame oil in proportion, stir into porridge -like, and irrigate into the casing.After that, cooked with a soup with a good condiment and then baked into purple -red with sawdust fireworks. The outer skin was wiped with sesame oil. It tastes fragrant without fishy smell.

Have you ever eaten the food above?Please share the taste of your memory!