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The Yinchuan Market Supervision Bureau has taken multiple measures and implemented the supervision of food circulation safety in fine food circulation

China News Service Ningxia News, April 25th (Reporter Yu Jing) Since this year, the Yinchuan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has closely focused on the strategic goals of the “Finals of the 58th” to consolidate the achievements of the creation of national food safety demonstration city as the starting point.Implement the key tasks of food safety in the autonomous region and Yinchuan City, press the responsibility of the main body of the real enterprise and the responsibility of the market supervision, implement the supervision of food circulation safety, resolutely build the bottom line of food sales, and firmly protect the people of the people.”” “.
Improve the risk control list, and press the responsibility of the main body of the real enterprise.In -depth implementation of the “Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Enterprises Implementing the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety”, adhere to the problem -oriented, based on daily supervision and inspection, comprehensively investigate the hidden dangers of risks, highlight the centralized trading market, large and medium -sized food sales enterprises, small sales enterprises, small sales enterprises, small and small sales店、校园周边食品销售者等食品经营主体,分类别建立完善食品安全风险隐患管控清单,指导督促食品销售经营主体配齐食品安全总监、食品安全员,严格落实食品安全主体责任和“日管控、Weekly investigate and schedule the working mechanism to accurately prevent and control risks.
Focus on important festivals to ensure the quality and safety of food sales.The key varieties such as “rice bags” and “vegetable baskets”, which are closely related to the people of food and people, are the key varieties, covering key formats such as large and medium -sized food supermarkets, farmers (wholesale) markets, health food business stores, small sales stores, etc.The hidden dangers of risk dangers in the aspects of subject qualifications, purchase inspection, claiming votes, special food zone settings, and bulk food label labeling, etc., and 82 food sales and operation entities randomly selected in counties (cities) and districts are conducted.Check the list of food safety issues and rectification lists, and timely transfer the notice of cases to the case of violations of laws and regulations.During the festival, there were 644 food sales and operations, and 520 rectified food safety hazards were found. 19 notice of correction were issued, and 10 cases of food safety violations were investigated and dealt with.
Carry out special inspections to maintain the order of consumption in the food market.The meeting will be held to arrange the special rectification of food safety around the campus, and organize the overall coverage supervision and inspection of food sales safety and risk hidden dangers of food sales.Inspection and inspection of food safety around schools (cities) districts, 142 problems were found, and hidden dangers were transferred to the hidden dangers of food safety inspections around the campus in a timely manner to ensure that the implementation of the problem was implemented.The CCTV “3.15” party was urgently launched to expose special food investigations such as plum vegetable buckle meat, listening to flower wine and other problems, and check 367 households in alcohol and meat sales operations. No problem food was found.Send the “Tips on the Quality and Safety Supervision Work of Wolfberry” to further strengthen the quality and safety supervision of wolfberry, focus on the major investigation of hidden dangers of wolfberry food safety, in accordance with the work principle of “discover one place, rectify one place, and standardize one place”, comprehensively comprehensivelyStandardize the unclear purchase channels, the inspection of the purchase inspection is not implemented, the packaging logo is irregular, and severely crack down on the label logo, the content is not real, and the use of other people’s packaging logo and other illegal behaviors, effectively solve the outstanding problems of wolfberry sales, effectively maintain wolfberryMarket operation order.Deepen the special rectification of livestock and poultry meat and their products, and severely crack down on the behavior of livestock and poultry meat and their products with unknown sources, illness, death, poisoning or unknown cause of death.
Strengthen publicity and education and create a safe consumption environment.Organize more than 200 food safety directors and food safety officers in large and medium -sized food sales enterprises, the edible agricultural product wholesale market, and the implementation of the training session of food safety laws and regulations and the main responsibility implementation of the main body, and signed the “Food Safety Promise”.The city’s beef and mutton product standardized business warning interview was held, and the “reminders and warnings such as regulating the operation of livestock and poultry meat such as beef and mutton and its products operator” were distributed to further enhance the city’s food sales enterprise awareness and food safety managementLevel, promote the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety, stimulate market vitality, and create a safe and assured consumer environment.(over)