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16 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Clippers Opt for Harden Over Hield in Pursuit: U.S. Media’s Take on the 3-for-1 Trade Strategy – Balancing Low Scoring Risk with High Returns in the Race for the Crown

The recent news indicates that negotiations between the Clippers and the 76ers regarding Harden have been terminated. In the absence of securing Harden, the Clippers are exploring other potential options. On August 18, US media proposed a 3-for-1 trade scenario for the Clippers. In this proposed trade, the Clippers would send Marcus Morris, Hyland, and […]

1 min read

Tottenham’s prospects for tactical reform grow murkier

With Kane gone, the curtain rises on a new era for Tottenham. The team’s tactical principles have changed dramatically since Postecoglou took charge of the team, no longer emphasizing backfield protection like in the Mourinho and Conte eras, but following the trend of the times and embarking on a new path of forward leaning and […]

MLS Football Jersey