Love Life Explore the new model of health insurance, and work with the new mileage health group to build a management medical treatment with Chinese characteristics
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Love Life Explore the new model of health insurance, and work with the new mileage health group to build a management medical treatment with Chinese characteristics

Actively implement the requirements of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan”. Love Life and New Miles Health Group work together to explore the mode of risk reduction of health insurance

Health is an inevitable requirement to promote the comprehensive development of people, the basic condition of economic and social development, an important symbol of the prosperity of the nation and the prosperity of the country, and the common pursuit of the general public.In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it is emphasized that it is necessary to “promote the construction of healthy China” and “put the protection of people’s health in the strategic position of priority development and improve people’s health promotion policies.”In the “14th Five -Year Plan” promulgated by the State Council, “encourage insurance institutions to carry out management medical pilots, establish health management organizations, and provide health insurance, health management, medical services, long -term care and other services.”

On April 21, the first meeting of the “Health Management Professional Committee” of the New Milestroke Health Group was held in Beijing. Love Life, as the chairman of the Health Management Professional Committee, organized and organized this meeting. This is also the first in China.Professional health management committees dominated by insurance companies.As the reformers, innovators and leaders in the field of medical and health, the new mileage health group uses medical services for the group’s development engine and industry entrance, and builds the health of medical groups, Kangyang Group, pharmaceutical groups and insurance companies.Industrial structure.The first meeting of the Health Management Commission was an important decision for the new mileage health group and the love life based on the construction of the insurance specialty to jointly build a management medical treatment with Chinese characteristics.

Transformation research:healthyManagement risk reduction

The development of health insurance in my country is undergoing the transformation pressure brought about by the adjustment of economic structure and the slowdown in the growth rate.In recent years, the supply -side structure of Health Insurance has continued to adjust in depth, the market has declined for many years, and the dominant position of traditional critical illness insurance has continued to weaken. The new single premiums have been in the passage of decline for a long time; the bottleneck of medical insurance has also surfaced, 2020After the year, the policy sales of insurance policies have also encountered the “sudden disappearance” of traffic.Investigating the fundamental, the homogeneity of insurance products is serious, the industry is in vicious internal rolls, the proportion of health insurance premiums is insufficient, and the growth rate continues to decline.Insufficient innovation has led to the lack of core new gravity in health insurance products, and it is difficult to effectively occupy the mainstream position of the insurance market.In a new historical period, how to develop high -quality health insurance has become a compulsory issue in the industry.

The demand side, the health management of the people is serious.Taking cancer as an example, in 2022, the 5 -year survival rate of overall cancer in my country was 43.7%, while the United States was as high as country’s cancer mortality rate is higher than the global average. In addition to the different types of cancer, it is more important that Chinese patients generally have a long -term diagnosis time, and they lack cancer screening and early diagnosis and early treatment.The important reason for the insufficient health management of the people is that it lacks necessary, effective, and scale health management payers.

In addition, because my country basically achieves national medical insurance, under the medical system mainly based on public hospitals, it is difficult for commercial insurance to obtain medical data support and cannot establish an accurate and effective guarantee model. Insurance companies cannot achieve substantial effects in product innovation and health management. Essence

Health insurance must return to the origin and break the new life. When it is necessary to change and innovate, only breakthroughs can only find the “new productivity” belonging to health insurance and obtain a new round of growth potential.Faced with the current dilemma and problems, Love Life adheres to the original intention of sharing the pressure of medical expenses for the society and bringing more practical guarantees to the people. Through the resource support of the new mileage health group of major shareholders, it has taken the importance of health insurance innovation and changes.step.

Create new productive forces: Management medical insurance

In the past ten years, with the continuous improvement of the medical level and the awakening of the people’s health awareness, people’s cognition and requirements for health have gradually changed from “not getting sick” to “active management of health”.The concept of doing a good job of “health management” has gradually become popular.

The insurance regulatory authorities have issued the “Notice on Regulating the Health Management Services of Insurance Companies”, which clearly mentioned that “health management services provided by insurance companies, including health checkups, health consultation, health promotion, disease prevention, chronic disease management, medical service service services, medical service service services, Rehabilitation Nursing, etc. “” “” The purpose of insurance companies to provide health management services is to prevent the occurrence of diseases, control the development of the disease, promote health rehabilitation, reduce the incidence of diseases, and improve the level of health; promote the reasonable use of health service resources, optimize health servicesThe allocation and integration of resources; enrich the connotation of health insurance products, strengthen risk management, and play professional capabilities. “

Love Life and Xinto Health Group together together build management medical care with Chinese characteristics, explore new quality and productivity development of health insurance, and build a management medical competition advantage with “insurance+medical care” as a strategic core.

“Management Medical Insurance” is not an insurance company’s management hospital. Instead, in the process of managing medical changes in medical institutions, insurance companies in -depth participation in hospital operations and customer operation scenarios. Through more effective and more accurate health insurance products innovation and processesReconstruction, the medical institution is only responsible for the treatment and screening of the front -end inspection and screening of the medical institutions, and obtains customers wider widely, extended to rehabilitation and health management at the back -end, and won customers with professionalism. Medical institutions obtainedHigher income, at the same time, can solve the problem of the health management and treatment services of the people, especially the payment problem of high self -funding part of medical insurance, effectively reduce the incidence and delay the time of major diseases. This is the best three parties to win.path.

The combination of “insurance+health management” can realize the expansion and extension of the front and after -court of the hospital, which greatly improves the patient’s sense of gain. It is reimbursed from the original treatment costs and compensation to the disease and less disease.Health management can also help more people enjoy healthy life for a long time. Love Life and New Miles Health Group expects to reshape people’s health concepts through “insurance+medical” with Chinese characteristics.

The Health Management Professional Committee will be responsible for a heavy responsibility, and will establish a standardized health service system

The New Miles Health Management Professional Committee, which is chairman of Care Life, will formulate a reasonable and authoritative diagnosis and treatment path and implementation standards to enhance the ability to develop personalized treatment for patients.

For ordinary and low -income patients, the core function of the protection of health management plans, that is, reduce the amount of patients’ self -payment, focus on managing the risk of high payment costs of repeated hospitalization, especially repeatedly recipient costs.For patients with high -income or good enterprise supplementary medical care or personal commercial insurance, they formulate better -quality diagnosis and treatment plans, improve the standards for services, and better use existing guarantees.

The management of chronic diseases is not just for treatment and control, but also allows medical services to move forward and backward, and extend chronic disease management from controlling diseases to inverse diseases.Therefore, the treatment cost of lowering the treatment of chronic diseases, reducing the pressure of the national medical insurance fund expenditure, can also allow the “double harvest” of slow disease management to the hospital and truly realize social and economic benefits.

The first meeting of the Health Management Commission was the beginning of the ecosystem of loving life insurance products and medical services.Next, Love Life will continue to launch multiple series and rich management medical insurance for anti -cancer insurance products, elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular protection products.A series of insurance for caring Life Diseases will be developed around the needs of wealth management plus health management to meet the multi -level needs of the people, and also contribute to the country’s construction of a multi -level medical security system.

At the first meeting of the New Milem Group Health Management Commission, the chairman of the China Health Promotion and Education Association’s Tumor Screening and Prevention Professional Committee, the deputy chairman of the China Medical and Health Development Foundation Foundation Foundation Foundation of the China Medical and Health Division Development Foundation, Dai MinExperts and scholars, the chief expert of the Education Committee of the Chinese Volunteer Association, the vice chairman and secretary -general of the Insurance Service Branch of the China Health Management Association, came to the scene and shared valuable cutting -edge academic research.The guiding significance also brings strong confidence in the management -type medical exploration of love life and new mileage to continue to promote Chinese characteristics.