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In the 2024 Guangzhou Night Consumption Season launched

  Southern Daily (Reporter/Huang Shuyi) On April 22, 2024 “YEANG City Yeah City” Guangzhou Night Consumption Season event was officially launched.Inject more possibilities into the colorful nightlife of Guangzhou.At the event, the Guangzhou Night Economic Development Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “Federation”) was announced.

  The federation is composed of urban commercial districts, commercial complexes, night operating merchants, platform companies, market empowering resource enterprises, industry expert consultants and other institutions.Market resources, build a platform of cross -border linkage, resource convergence, and fusion of formats to promote the healthy and rapid development of Guangzhou’s night’s economy at night.

  Zhong Zhaohui, the first chairman of the Federation, said that the goal and responsibility of the Federation is to integrate the advantageous resources in various fields and promote the construction of a “business district to empower the product matrix”.The consumption scenario provides cost -reducing operational models and tools, promotes professionalization of business district operations, and better taps new consumption growth points.

  Wu Chuanyi, the chairman of the Win -Shang Shang of the Federation, released the “2024 Guangzhou Night Economic Development Report” at the launching ceremony as the first result of the Federation.According to Wu Chuanyu, the number of newly opened stores in Guangzhou in the first quarter of 2024 reached 125 new stores, ranking first in the country, and high -quality brands and high -quality development of the business district complement each other; the Guangzhou Shopping Center in the next three yearsThe increase is 4.2 million square meters, second only to Shanghai, and has a sufficient business foundation.

  He said: “The first batch of 15 Yangcheng Night Market pioneers gathered many benchmark commercial projects in Guangzhou, which provided a diverse consumption scenario for Guangzhou’s night economic development, but also a solid commercial soil that carries the continuous innovation of Guangzhou Night Economy ‘, The diversified development of modern international cities is easier to grow up. “