Wang Jianlin burst!
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Wang Jianlin burst!

Through the equity,The actual controllers of Dalian Xinta League Commercial Management Co., Ltd., which were frozen, were Wang Jianlin, and the actual voting right was 100%.

Wanda “sells”

According to the brokerage company in China, at present, Wang Jianlin’s “selling and selling” has not stopped, and even accelerated the rhythm of the sale.

In mid -March this year, according to Tianyancha, industrial and commercial changes occurred in Wanda Plaza Business Co., Ltd., Jizhou District, Tianjin.Share shareholders.At the same time, the company’s registered capital has increased from 10 million yuan to 290 million yuan, and the legal representatives and main personnel have also changed. Investors have changed from Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd. to Beijing Tianding Kunyang Technology Co., Ltd.

According to incomplete statistics, as of now,Including Tianjin Jizhou Wanda Plaza, Wanda Group has sold a total of 14 Wanda Plaza.Among them, Wanda Plaza in first -tier cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou was sold.

At present, Wanda Commercial Management has 9 duration bonds, with a duration scale of 6.902 billion yuan, of which 1.878 billion yuan in one year is 1.878 billion yuan. In terms of overseas bonds, Wanda’s commercial management has 3 US dollar bonds, with a duration of 1.24 billion U.S. dollars, of which will be within one year.Two US dollar bonds expired, and the expiration scale reached 940 million US dollars.

It can be seen that Wanda Commercial Management’s short -term debt repayment pressure is high.At the end of 2023, Wanda Merchant Subsida’s 600 million US dollars debt adjustment plan was approved by the bond holder. The bond expired date from January 29, 2024 to December 29, 2024.Essence

In order to cope with corporate debt crisis, the sale of assets is undoubtedly the most direct and fastest way for Wanda to return the capital.

And the sale of assets and recovery funds has always been a common operation of Wang Jianlin. The last time the debt crisis broke out by Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin was rescued by selling assets.

Source: Tianyancha, securities firm China, public information

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