How to improve the commercial and commercial district system in Hangzhou’s important new center?Three -year action plan release
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How to improve the commercial and commercial district system in Hangzhou’s important new center?Three -year action plan release

This afternoon, the “Three -Year Action Plan for the Proposal of the Raise Plan for the Promotion of the Commercial and Commercial District of Yuhang District” was released and the “Yu You Meets You Please Shopping” to promote consumer activities to promote consumption activities.At the meeting, a three -year action plan aimed at the “1+1+5+X” business district planning system, launched Yuhang’s characteristic brand “Fireworks”, and released 2024 Yuhang Consumption Maps online and offline to further promote Yuhang HangzhouIt iterative upgrades of the district characteristic commercial business district helped the construction of important new centers in Hangzhou cities.

The event was directed by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and the Hangzhou Commerce Bureau, hosted by the People’s Government of Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, hosted by the Yuhang District Commercial Bureau of Hangzhou City, and co -organized by Liangzhu Street in Yuhang District.

The three -year operation of the commercial business district of Yuhang District

This time, the planning plan of the commercial business district is “International Core · Hangcheng Yin · Digital Zhihui · City Jingyu” as the vision target.Under the leadership of the central business district, 5 unique charm bands and X -dot lines), the three -year action plan formed a three -year action plan.

1 city-level central business district: The urban-level central business district is specific to rely on the central axis of the North and South Sciences and Technology Innovation.

1 city sub -center business district: the urban sub -center business district takes the city’s North Vientiane City and Liangzhu Water Street as the core, including “one heart, one ring and one street”.

5 characteristic charm belts: that is, the charm belt of the Liangzhu culture, the canal cultural charm belt, the chain of the wetland lake chain, the innovative charm belt of the Nanhu, and the leisure charm belt.

Commercial facilities combined with X -point line: refers to the commercial services and characteristic fireworks in the area.

Yuhang focuses on the construction of landmark business districts in the new center of the city, and proposes two stages of development goals: from now to 2026, build the prototype of the commercial business district of important new centers in the city; from 2027 to 2035, the development of science and technology development and suitable talents will be fully established.The stage of demand for the service system of international high -level commercial business districts.

Within three years, it will form an international brand gathering place, a leading place for fashion trends, sources of consumer innovation, and the best business environment.In order to achieve this overall goal, Yuhang District has the business district, grasp characteristics, and acts strongly:

● In the conspiracy business district, Yuhang revolves around key areas such as “new centers, urban sub -centers, and characteristic charm belts” to create a new central business district, Dacheng North Commercial Service Core, and Five Charm Service Belt.The 4 major projects of Gao Luxury Commercial Center, Cultural and Art Commercial District, Low -Carbon International Smart Community Waterfront Waterfront Service neighborhood, and South Bank Art Slow Life District have promoted the rise of the central business district and constructed a new international consumer destination.

● In terms of grasping characteristics, Yuhang will create a group of “Fireworks” characteristic commercial blocks to ignite urban fireworks; to enrich the “nightlife” to promote “night consumption” and create a “no night paradise” with both vitality and creativity.

● In terms of strong actions, Yuhang will carry out the “one circle and one policy” improvement plan, brand building special actions, consumer model innovation actions, special actions of consumer environment improvement, special actions of smart business districts, coordinated governance mechanism construction actions, commercial business districts7 major actions including the construction of the evaluation system.

At the same time, Yuhang increased its policy support, benchmarked the national first -class business district, and established a maximum of 100 million yuan of special support funds.Four aspects of the enhancement of business formats and actively promoting the development of the economy at night gives support.

Launched Yuhang’s characteristic brand “Fireworks”

The event launched the first batch of Yuhang characteristic brands “Fireworks” commercial characteristic district.Shu Zhongsheng, Yu Baihong, Zhejiang Yijia, Chen Xin, Street Shooting Rolling Uncle, Guofeng Meisi, 6 well -known figures from the fields of culture, network, business and art.The first batch of “Fireworks” characteristic commercial district -Pingyao Old Street, Xianlinbu Old Street, Jade Bird Collection, Dream Town, Sky · Tengji, and Lu Yu Pedestrian Street endorsement recommendation.

△ Yuhang “Fireworks” MV

“Consumption Map” online and offline release

The event site released the 2024 Yuhang Consumption Map. The map was inventory and sorted out the consumption hotspots and online red punch points of the Yuhang Commercial District. By showing new consumption scenes, new models and new formats, it highlighted the unique charm of the Yuhang commercial business district.In addition, the 2024 Yuhang Consumer Map is also launched simultaneously on the Gaode taxi platform. The platform has opened a consumer area. Consumers enter “Yu You please go shopping” on the platform to receive round -trip taxi discount coupons and enjoy consumption.

△ Scan the two -dimensional code above to view 2024 Yuhang Consumption Map

The future Yuhang Business will continue

With openness, sharing, and tolerance as the concept of development,

Lead the international trend at the core of the city,

Steamed the fireworks between the streets of the city.

Create a shining business district for the future and warm people!

● Official reminder: Don’t buy it!It’s useless!● Congress of the mountains and sea, read the “Shan Hai Jing”!Yuhang District-Kecheng District Shanhai Association Work Joint Conference was held ● Gathering talents, Xing Technology!Yuhang Comprehensive Construction of the “Three Teams” ③ Contribution | District Commerce Bureau

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