Hebei Ledting: Love Donation for Educational Public Welfare Funds
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Hebei Ledting: Love Donation for Educational Public Welfare Funds

Bohai News Network News(Du Chao) The point of the word “makeup” lives above and below the horizontal and middle line, respectively, and it must be written long and straight … “On the morning of March 21, in the classroom in the second grade of Pang Gezhuang Primary School in Lesting County, ChineseThe teacher is guiding the writing of Chinese characters.

Different from the past, in addition to Chinese textbooks, there is also a “Synchronous Writing” in the hands of teachers and students.As soon as they were distributed in the hands of teachers and students, they practiced the words with great interest.

It is understood that this set of posts is a regularized Chinese character that synchronizes the Chinese textbooks with the current primary school Chinese textbooks. It not only has the analysis and example of basic strokes, but also a popular science column that combines interesting and knowledgeable.And writing guidance.

This donation was initiated by the Xinhua Bookstore of Lesting County, and the United Hebei Science and Technology Publishing House was carefully deployed according to the needs of Lesting Rural School.Over the years, Lesting Xinhua Bookstore has not only carried out education, but also gave long -term care and help to poor students, including funding poor students to complete their studies, exempting book teaching and auxiliary costs, and giving away school supplies.There are more than 600 public welfare posts that are full of loving public welfares, and they have been distributed in the hands of 5 rural primary schools and some poor students in Lesting.