Huaihua leaders led the team to carry out food safety inspections
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Huaihua leaders led the team to carry out food safety inspections

  Huasheng Online March 22 (Correspondent
He Hui) In order to coordinate the promotion of the special actions for the recent food safety investigation and rectification of campus, further standardize the food safety management of kindergarten, and ensure the safety of children’s diet. On March 21, Hu Chen, deputy mayor of Huaihua Municipal People’s Government, and Zhou Shenglai, deputy director of the Municipal Education BureauGo to the Xinhuang Kindergarten General Garden and Zhongshan Road Branch to conduct special inspections of food safety work in the cafeteria in the “Four Two”.Yang Rongshan, executive deputy head of Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County, participated together.

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  The inspection team focused on the important links such as the environment, food samples, food processing operations, and tableware disinfection of the kindergarten cafeteria.Later, I checked the training certificate and health certificate of the canteen practitioners, and learned more about the daily morning inspection records of the cafeteria, the sanitary disinfection of the cafeteria, the management and records of the warehouse.

  The inspection team fully affirmed the overall environment of the kindergarten cafeteria and the operating specifications of the staff, and also put forward more detailed and reasonable suggestions for food safety management.

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  Hu Chen told the person in charge of the kindergarten that the child is the future of the motherland and the hope of every family. The food safety of kindergartens is more important than Taishan. The food safety work should be included in the school’s annual key tasks, implemented detailed safety management measures, and effectively build the campus.Safety defense to ensure the physical and mental health and safety of children.

  The relevant person in charge of Xinhuang Kindergarten said that it will be checked to promote the norms to implement the quality.Continue to keep the normalization of food safety and weave the “food safety network” to provide a strong guarantee for the safety of children’s food safety.