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Hebei has determined 19 primary and secondary school science education experimental zones and 84 primary and secondary school science education experimental schools

Hebei has determined 19 primary and secondary school science education experimental zones and 84 primary and secondary school science education experimental schools
Regional science education base is open to primary and secondary school students for free
A few days ago, the Hebei Provincial Department of Education determined that 19 counties (cities, districts), including Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, were the first batch of Hebei Province Elementary and Middle School Science Education Experimental Zone, and 84 schools including Shijiazhuang City 41st Middle School were the first batch of Hebei Province Central ProvincePrimary School Science Education Experimental School.The first batch of scientific education experimental zones and experimental school construction cycles were from 2024 to 2026.
According to the requirements, the experimental area will integrate high -quality educational resources such as universities, research institutes, science and technology venues, science and technology enterprises, “three rural” places, natural resource places and characteristic industries.On holidays, winter and summer vacations to open to primary and secondary school students, guide students to enter the subject, projects, teams, and laboratories.Explore the construction of science and technology high schools and science and technology campuses, provide development space for students of different endowments, strengthen the connection between universities and high schools in talent training, and form a characteristic path for the cultivation of talent training of scientific and technological innovation.
Experimental schools should start scientific courses and promote national courses, local courses and school -based courses.Based on the characteristics of the school, we can build a school scientific curriculum and resource system according to local conditions, strengthen the development of comprehensive curriculum, and form a scientific curriculum group with rich content, broad fields, semi -sections, and layered classification.Innovate the implementation mechanism of the curriculum, open a good required course and elective courses, break the fixed classes, disciplines, and hours arrangement, and find early training for students with potential to meet diverse learning needs.
In addition, experimental schools should strengthen experimental inquiry teaching, incorporate experiments and inquiry teaching into basic teaching standards, produce scientific experiments and explore practical teaching manuals, strengthen practical teaching requirements, increase the proportion of experiments, and standardize experimental safety management.In response to the practical teaching content such as carefully designing experiments such as different science paragraphs, it focuses on organic integration with multi -disciplinary integration education, artificial intelligence education, and social practice.Innovate teaching methods, advocate inspiration, inquiry, project -based learning, and improve students’ hands -on practical ability, creative thinking ability and cooperation ability.Expand scientific activity resources, use high -quality resources outside the school, incorporate scientific education into after -class services, and carry out a variety of student science and technology community activities and interest group activities.
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