The second batch of "New Stone Science Laboratory" in Fudan University unveiled
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The second batch of "New Stone Science Laboratory" in Fudan University unveiled

  On the morning of March 22, the second batch of “New Stone Science Laboratory” of Fudan University was unveiled.

  The “New Corner Science Laboratory” is established by the New Relators Science Foundation. It is a platform for the Foundation to support new cornerstone researchers to carry out scientific research work and academic exchanges.The four laboratorys of Four Fudan scientists, Shen Weixiao, Zhang Yuanbo, Lu Boyi and Xu Yanhui, who were selected as the first “New Corner Researcher” last year, became the first “New Corner Stone Science Laboratory” in Fudan University;The laboratory of Fudan scientists Lei Qunying and Xu Wendong became the second batch of “New Corner Stone Science Laboratory” of Fudan University.At this point, there are 6 “new cornerstone science laboratories” in Fudan University.

  Academician Jin Li, President of Fudan University, Dean of the Fudan Shanghai Medical College, Zhou Hu, deputy secretary of the Fudan Party Committee, Lei Qunying, a professor at the second “New Cornerstone Researcher”, Professor of Fudan Basic Medical College/Cancer Research Institute, Xu WendongWang Yirong, deputy director and secretary -general of the Cornerstone Science Foundation, Wang Yirong, the secretariat of the Xintya Science Foundation; the relevant person in charge of the Secretariat of the Xintya Science Foundation, and the person in charge of the relevant department of Fudan, young teachers and student representatives attended the unveiling ceremony.

  Jin Li said that basic research is the cornerstone of scientific and technological innovation.The “New Corner Researcher Project” injects support for the cultivation and construction of the basic research strategic talent team in my country, and provides valuable opportunities for the development of the school.To strengthen basic research, the problem of condensing is the prerequisite.The “New Corner Researcher Project” focuses on the selection that can ask a good problem and may solve the problem.The school further focuses on AI for Science and deeply integrates “AI” and “Scientific Research” to provide scientific researchers with greater space and stronger support.Strengthen basic research and cultivate good talents is the foundation.The project “Choose Topics and Choose Topics” is people -based, fully paying attention to the growth potential of scientists.The school has always placed talent work and talent training in the core position, spent strong energy in strategic talent training, and cultivated strategic scientists in the field of basic research.Strengthen basic research and explore new mechanisms.The school’s overall promotion of the reform of the talent development system and mechanism, the construction of the Xianghui Research Institute at high standards, and continuously exploring the innovation of mechanisms.Facing the future, Fudan University will strengthen the construction of the basic research talent team. I hope that Tencent and the New Cornerstone Foundation will continue to support Fudan as always, jointly open new bureaus and innovation articles in the field of basic research, and in building a new journey of the world’s major scientific centers and innovation highlands,Head, as a pioneer.

  Wang Yirong thanked Fudan University for their support for the work of the New Cornerstone Science Foundation, and congratulated Fudan University’s second batch of new cornerstone science laboratories.She introduced the relevant situation of the “New Research Researcher Project” and said that every time I came to Fudan University, I felt kind.From the beginning of the establishment of the new foundation project, it has received strong support from President Fudan and President Jinli.Over the past two years, the New Cornerstone Foundation has adhered to the mentality of renewal iteration of corporate products, and has continuously aggressive and optimized projects.In the second phase of the new cornerstone project selection in 2023, a 100%international peer review system was implemented to promote objective and fair selection;, With potential and non -consensus talents.In addition, the New Cornerstone Foundation also vigorously promotes academic exchanges, allowing scientists to inspire each other and promote cooperation.I wish the new cornerstone researcher at Fudan University focused on primitive innovation and made greater breakthroughs on the road of scientific research.

  After the unveiling ceremony, Lei Qunying and Xu Wendong exchanged their experiences around the development of basic research and the application of the “New Corner Researcher Project”.