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16 Jun, 2024

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2 mins read

NBA’s shocking trade: Durant to Grizzlies, Knicks aggressively pursue Morant!

Breaking News! The Knicks appear to be showing strong interest in Grizzlies star Morant and are expected to make an aggressive move to make it happen. If the deal goes through, it would mark the most impactful transfer in Knicks history. The Knicks plan to make initial contact with Morant and then submit an offer […]

1 min read

NBA ref Eric Lewis retires, social media probe ends

NBA referee Eric Lewis has announced his immediate retirement amid a league investigation into whether he defended himself and other referees on social media against online criticism. The league launched an investigation less than three months ago into whether the 19-year NBA referee violated league policy by publicly commenting on officiating without league authorization. Lewis, […]

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