Can Tonali cash in on his price tag
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Can Tonali cash in on his price tag

The Premier League is about to return, with all the giants pressing on towards their goals. Newcastle, who successfully fought for four last season and returned to the Champions League after 20 years, need to continue to prove themselves under the leadership of young Eddie Howe, and the difficulty of fighting on two fronts is imaginable. But Newcastle is very calm, the summer window just introduced Tornari and Harvey Barnes two heavy new recruits, St. Maximilian also left the team to join the Saudi Arabia League, the team’s ability to continue to be tested.
As we all know that the English Premier League is the most profitable, exciting and competitive league in today’s soccer world, the collision of American capital and Middle Eastern consortiums has become the main theme. Newcastle, which is backed by the Saudi consortium, is not poor in money, but the Magpies have a very clear idea of attracting new players, and refuse to be a thorn in the side of the other big players by accumulating grain and slowing down the king.

Can Tonali cash in on his price tag

After only two seasons of operation, Newcastle has transformed from a relegation team to a new nobleman, and last season it even pushed Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur to finish the season in 4th place, and entered the Champions League again after 20 years.

As the saying goes, it’s hard to start a business, but it’s even harder to keep it. In the new season, Newcastle is bound to be taken seriously by all the lords, and with the loss of the dividend of the single line of battle, will they be able to prove themselves by scoring in the top four consecutively.

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