Butler’s new haircut stands out
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Butler’s new haircut stands out

Heat star Jimmy Butler posted his latest workout video, photos on INS today. His new haircut of Buddha beads is quite eye-catching.

In the video, Butler is doing a shooting drill. He is wearing a Heat uniform and a duck hat with a row of Buddha bead hairstyles under the brim. The Buddha bead hairstyle involves combing the hair at the top of the head into a pill shape and then securing it with the beads.

Butler’s new hairstyle has created a buzz on social media. Some netizens said Butler’s new hairstyle is very personalized and fits his personality. Some netizens also said that Butler’s new hairstyle looks a bit like a bald head.nike dunk high black white mens

Butler’s new haircut stands out

Butler is a very personalized player. He once wore a pair of sneakers with a Buddha design during a game and also talked about his views on Buddhism in a post-game interview. Butler’s new haircut could be an expression of his views on Buddhism.air jordan 4 kaws black

Either way, Butler’s new haircut is eye-catching and adds a bit of anticipation for the upcoming season.

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