National Safety Education Day National Primary and secondary schools to improve students’ self -protection and emergency treatment capabilities
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National Safety Education Day National Primary and secondary schools to improve students’ self -protection and emergency treatment capabilities

March 25 this year is the 29th National Safety Education Day.In the past few days, various forms of safety education activities have been carried out in various parts of Jiangsu to improve their self -protection and emergency treatment capabilities during school.

Fan Jieping, a reporter from Jiangsu Terrace: In Qinhong Yixin Garden Elementary School in Qinhuai District, Nanjing, a safety education alliance composed of a safety education theme course, public security traffic police, medical, education, fire protection, etc. are through scenarios and gestures., Himrich’s emergency demonstration, etc., give students all kinds of safety knowledge.

In addition to vivid education classes, the “Campus Safety Package” comic book read by Nanjing Public Security and Education Department is also officially released.From eight aspects such as correctly dialing 110, mental health, and campus fire safety, the comics comprehensively comprehensively realize real cases and prevention points, and conduct knowledge popularization and publicity and education.

Zhu Nan, the captain of the Campus Safety Defense Brigade of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, told reporters that through the form of comics, they showed them one by one in the form of safety knowledge points in the form of students who liked them, so that they liked to see and remember.

In order to effectively strengthen campus safety education, from the 25th, Jiangsu launched a week -long “National Education Safety Education Week” event.Focusing on fire safety, traffic safety, student mental health, etc., all universities in various places have successively organized a “six one” activity such as transportation safety warning education, a fire safety theme activity, and an emergency evacuation drill.seed”.

Zhou Yongjie, a student of the fourth open middle school in the Huai’an Ecological Culture Tourism Zone, said that through this activity, he knew what the blind spots in the car had, and also knew how to avoid traffic accidents. In the future, you will try to avoid these accidents on the way to school. 

Jiangsu also fully pays attention to the mental health of minors, carry out various types of law publicity and education. Public security police officers and judges revolt on campus bullying and campus violence and other security incidents.Awareness and ability of protection.

Yanyu Yuxin, a primary school student in Dongtai City, Yancheng said that he knew that bullying was not only physical, but also a speech attack.When you meet the bullied students, they should not beolate them, and they should ask them to seek the help of teachers and police in time.

(Reporter from Jiangsu Radio and Television, Rong Media News Center/Zheng Ling He Fei Zhou Yang Yang Yang Jieping Xie Jian Huai’an, Huai’an, Yancheng, Lianyungang, Jiangyan, Jiangyan, Hu Chao)