Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Continue to promote the facilitation of entry tourism
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Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Continue to promote the facilitation of entry tourism

On March 29, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a routine press conference in the first quarter of 2024 to introduce the relevant work of promoting the facilitation of entry tourism.Shi Zeyi, deputy director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, introduced that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to entry tourism.The General Office of the State Council specially issued policy documents such as the “Several Measures on Release of Tourism Consumption Potential to Promote the High -quality Development of Tourism” and “Opinions on Further Opputed Payment Services and Improve Payment Convenience” and other policy documents, in order to implement the spirit of relevant documents, enhance foreign tourists entering China in ChinaThe level of facilitation and promoting the development of entry tourism. Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, together with the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments, combed the entire process of entry tourism and work in the entire field, to find a problem of blocking points, introduced a series of policies, adopted itA series of actions.Among them, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism solidly promote the implementation of various measures on the implementation of scenic spots, hotel accommodation, product supply, publicity and promotion, etc., and release positive signals to the outside world to continuously improve their convenience.With the introduction and implementation of these measures, the policy effects are constantly emerging, and the willingness to travel to China to travel to China has continued to increase and the quantity has risen significantly.
According to statistics from the National Immigration Bureau, from January to February 2024, a total of 2.945 million people in and out of the country were 2.3 times month -on -month, and it was restored to 41.5%before the epidemic.During the Spring Festival, the effect of China’s visa -free policy showed that France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, and other new -visa -free entry to China. Visitors have increased significantly.The same period in 2019 doubles.For example, from February to April this year, Germany’s Tuti Cruises will successively organize 10,000 tourists to travel to China. Among them, the “Europa” has stopped on February 21 to Shanghai International Wharf.This is the first batch of foreign cruise ships received by ports in my country after the epidemic prevention and control, which marks the official recovery of international cruise tourists’ entry in China.On March 10, 2013 tourists from 47 countries and regions arrived in Dalian Port by the large international cruise ship “Zubiddan”. This was the first large international cruise ship to visit the northern cities since 2019.
In the next step, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will further accurately open up the difficulty of inbound tourism in the field of culture and tourism.We will start to start with foreign publicity and marketing, take pragmatic measures, and continue to promote the work of entry tourism.(Picture: Ma Siwei)
Source: Voice of Cultural Tourism