Lakers finalize roster with Wood and Vanderbilt signings
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Lakers finalize roster with Wood and Vanderbilt signings

The NBA trade market has been busy lately, attracting the attention of many fans. At the same time, some records created by NBA players are also fascinating, especially the two records held by Lakers star LeBron James. Let’s take a look at them.

Record one: When it comes to the player with the most field goals made in NBA playoff history, many fans might think of Jordan or Kobe, but they would be wrong. According to the statistics, James has made 2,872 field goals in his career so far, the most in NBA history. And the players behind James are not Jordan or Kobe, either. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made 2,356 field goals to rank second, followed by Jordan (2,188), Shaquille O’Neal (2,041), Kobe (2,014) and Tim Duncan (1,975). James still has two years left on his contract with the Lakers, which means he will break the 3,000 field goal mark in the playoffs, a record that will be hard to break for future generations.

Record two: When it comes to the clutch player in the NBA, Jordan, Kobe, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and other shooting stars are undoubtedly the first choices, but when it comes to the clutch shooting percentage, James is undoubtedly the first one to be thought of. According to the data compiled by American media recently, James has a 52% shooting percentage in playoff games with 10 seconds left to tie or take the lead, while Jordan and Kobe rank behind him with 47% and 23%, respectively. Therefore, James is the player with the highest clutch shooting percentage in NBA playoff history, unmatched by anyone else.

Lakers finalize roster with Wood and Vanderbilt signings

This month, the Lakers added a stretch big man in Christian Wood¹, then re-signed defensive stalwart Jarred Vanderbilt to a four-year, $48 million deal², finalizing their roster for the new season. The current roster has depth at all five positions, and if they can stay healthy, they will be able to compete with the Warriors³ and Suns⁴.

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