Culture and Tourism Qingming Festival holiday travel tips
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Culture and Tourism Qingming Festival holiday travel tips

The Qingming Festival holiday in 2024 is coming. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds tourists:

First, do a good job of travel planning.Travel in spring, pay attention to forecast information released by the meteorological department, and timely increase or decrease clothes.Learn about the traffic conditions and destination traffic in advance, pay attention to the opening of the holidays of tourist attractions and ticket appointment measures, and reasonably plan the tourist route and time.Do not go to areas that are not developed and open, lack of security and guarantee.Pay close attention to the safety situation and precautions of the outbound tourist destinations, and do not go to high -risk areas.

Second, the tree firmly awareness.When traveling by motor vehicle or taking public transport, it is a good seat belt when traveling.Do not bring prohibited items on public transportation, master the correct method of emergency escape.Self -driving tour should prevent fatigue driving and drunk driving, drive safely, and drive civilized.Carefully participate in high -risk tourism projects according to their own situation, and participate in high -risk projects such as high -altitude, high -speed, water, diving, and adventure, and activate the safety operation specifications under the guidance of professionals and abide by the safety operation norms.

Third, focus on fire safety.In the good season, outdoor activities pay attention to fire prevention and disasters, smoking, grilling or using bright fires in the place where flammable materials are gathered or there are fireproof prompts.When visiting the scenic spots, public cultural venues, cultural relics protection units, etc., strictly abide by the regulations on fire safety management. When staying at the hotel, do not lie on the sofa and smoke on the bed.Hear the guidance and command of the on -site staff.

Fourth, civilized green travel.Learn and respect the cultural traditions of destination, customs and religious beliefs in advance.Following the hints of the venues, love to protect the ecological environment, protect cultural relics and monuments, love public facilities, patiently and rationally treat traffic congestion and the increase in the traffic area of the scenic area.Reasonable consumption is not wasted, and actively practiced the “CD -ROM Action” to achieve low -carbon savings and green travel.