Saudi chasing Barcelona stars in the sales season
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Saudi chasing Barcelona stars in the sales season

Cheap Barcelona football kits is preparing for summer sales to balance its books this summer, while Saudi Arabia sees it as an opportunity to attract more stars after dominating the market last summer. Can Barca has three stars on its radar.

The link has been there since early last summer, but if Poland striker Robert Lewandowski moves to the Middle East, he will have the opportunity to earn a huge amount of money, which according to previous reports will reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Saudi chasing Barcelona stars in the sales season

Lewandowski, 35, is one of Barcelona’s highest paid players, meaning they may want to try their luck. So far, however, Lewandowski has insisted that he is fond of Cheap Barcelona football jerseys kids and so is his family, but they don’t see the appeal. They also recently started building a mansion in the hills surrounding the town.

It was recently revealed that Saudi Arabia may try to push for the signing of Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The German faithful’s time in Cheap Barcelona football kits kids approaching a decade, but this could also be one of the final stages in Barcelona’s attempts to sign him at a bargain price. Again, there are few signs that Ter Stegen wants to leave, but Saudi Arabia will try to change his mind through sheer money power.

Finally, Brazilian winger Rafinha is also on their radar. They are happy to keep Rafinha in the squad during his time at Kambasa, as the ideal replacement for Lamin Yamar, who still has to proceed with caution, but the impression is that if Rafinha Willing goes over, they will accept the offer. He has reportedly turned down offers of €20 million per season in the past to stay in Catalonia.

As is the case with most Barcelona players this summer, sporting director Deco will no doubt consider a big offer for the player. Ter Stegen and Lewandowski are in the twilight of their careers, so financially, a big sale would be a rare opportunity. Rafinha is also no longer considered a genuine starter, but Saudi Arabia may have more trouble convincing players.

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