Xinhua View Point | Spring to Guizhou Pin New Tea Leading New Fashion in Life
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Xinhua View Point | Spring to Guizhou Pin New Tea Leading New Fashion in Life

It is located at Meitan County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, 27 degrees north latitude. It is also rated as “the first place in the top 100 counties of Chinese tea” with Dajising and Wuyi Mountain, India and Fujian.
At the time of spring tea, the tea gardens are full of eyes.In Longfeng Village, Xinglong Town, almost every family has tea in the village.For decades, the production and life of most villagers are inseparable from tea.
At the critical stage of spring tea picking, the development of the tea industry has attracted a large number of foreign tea recovery workers. Regardless of young and old, they can get income as long as they are diligent.
In order to seek a new way for the development of the tea industry, the local tea enterprises have developed the tea garden management standards of “unified fertilization, unified trimming, unified prevention and control, unified picking, and unified acquisition”.Essence
Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province at the foot of the World Natural Heritage Land, has the reputation of the “Chinese Matcha Capital”.With the gradually increased temperature in the spring day, in the 30,000 acres of matcha bases in Jiangkou County, tea farmers are busy using a shading net to cover the tea tree cover a thin film.
Through two to three weeks, the intensity of light is reduced. Tea polyphenols will be reduced, and chlorophylls will increase, which makes the matcha ingredients — the color of tea sinking tea is particularly green.And this is also an important feature of matcha different from other tea.
In the Guida Tongren Industrial Park, which is about 20 minutes from Chashan, it is built with the world’s largest matcha monomer refining workshop, known as the “World Matcha Super Factory”.About 4,000 tons of matcha products are produced in the factory in a plant with a length of 278 meters and a width of 48 meters, and transported to consumers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.
Matcha cake, matcha ice cream … In recent years, all kinds of matcha foods have quickly become popular and are favored by young people.Guida Group not only moves to the matcha track, but also accelerates the development of Matcha new products, just for “living” more young people.
From the production of matcha products to the spread of matcha culture, Guiya Group will also hold a variety of tea exchanges. This green and healthy “new food still” spreads further.
On the third floor of a commercial pedestrian street in Old Town, Guiyang City, Tea Artist Long Xiaoyun opened a tea art space called “Xiangye” here.Entering this “hidden zone” in the prosperous business district, urban people can also “slow down” here, and taste the new tea art in the city.
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