What is the football rugby?Come!Take you free to experience the charm of this "new" movement
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What is the football rugby?Come!Take you free to experience the charm of this "new" movement

As the new project of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

It is a game with a combination of brain power and physical strength

The full competition experience during the movement

Both men, women, and children can get its fun

Let the small body take you to explore the charm of a “new” movement

It is the waist flag football

Waist Banner Rugby Enlightenment Class

Free experience class

In order to let more students come into contact with the fun and challenging sports of waist flags, Yiwen Sports Club and Huangpu District Shao Shao will launch a free experience course for “waist flag football enlightenment class” for the first time.Students will have the opportunity to understand the basic knowledge and skills of the waist flag rugby under the guidance of the professional waist flag rugby coach, and feel the infinite charm brought by the sport of the waist flag.The free experience quota is limited, let’s make an appointment!

Experience time:

May 4th (Saturday) 18: 45-20: 15

May 5th (Sunday) 18: 45-20: 15

Experience location:

Luwan Sports Center

Address: No. 128 Zhaojiabang Road, Huangpu District

registration time:

From now until April 29, 2024

15 people in each class, full class

Registration number:

Teacher Wu 15026995458 WeChat same number

(Monday to Friday 10: 00-18: 00)

Recruitment object:

Born from January 2010 to December 2016, men and women are not limited

Recruitment requirements and precautions:

Children participating in the event must be healthy;

It’s enthusiastic about sports;

Students with basketball, volleyball, and handball are preferred.

Hurry up

Come and unforgettable

Banner Rugby’s Enlightenment!

Source: Huangpu Sports

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