What is science?As long as you follow these six words, you have the scientific spirit and thinking
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What is science?As long as you follow these six words, you have the scientific spirit and thinking

The interpretation of “Science” in Xinhua Dictionary, ① The knowledge system of the objective laws reflects the objective laws of nature, society, thinking, etc.② Combined with science: ~ Futian ㄧ is not ~.This includes two aspects: scientific knowledge system, scientific thinking, and practice.The meaning of Chinese “science” should be the whole of knowledge and thinking practice.Regardless of how other experts, academicians, and “Chinese medicine black” understand the term “science”, the interpretation of the Xinhua Dictionary is exactly the Chinese “scientific” semantics that has been agreed to be popular today.Because the study of linguistics is the conclusion of scientific methods, it is an objective conclusion.

Of course, there will be specific differences between the word body and the context of use, which is also the characteristics of Chinese.In the use of language, the context is connected, and finally the semantics of this word in this sentence or the semantics in this article, not necessarily certain semantics, or the special nature of Chinese.

2. “Science” philosophy

There are also arguments that are distinguished from a broad sense and narrow sense, which is about narrow science, the perspective of science science philosophy.”What is the thing call science?”

“We start with confusion, and finally have a higher level of confusion.” “Scientific knowledge is based on the facts determined by observation and experiments” and “scientific knowledge is derived from the facts.”Then scientific experiments, reasoning, falsification, etc. can be attributed to the category of scientific methods.Therefore, Western science philosophy believes that “science” is methodology, but in the words of Western science to talk about Chinese science, experts and scholars often add the content of the “science” worldview.

“The scientific spirit is the way of thinking that is alone in the Greeks. He emphasizes that the dominance behind the world is rational, and the so -called rationality is just like this. It is a kind of internal logic. With the internal logic, rationality can guarantee him to ensure himHard, self -sufficient, independent, autonomous, conscious, all words with “self” are the keywords of Greece, we must understand science from here.The lack of this scientific spirit of the nation, and the scientific community did not realize what the true meaning of the science is!

Academician Zhang Shuangnan: The first element of science is the purpose of science, which is to discover various laws, and it is not limited to the natural laws of natural science research, including other laws, such as psychology, behavior, psychology, sociology, sociology, sociologyThe laws studied by disciplines such as economics.The objects of natural science and social sciences are different, and the laws discovered are of course different, but their purpose is “regular”, and they are also in line with two other elements of science.Religion and pseudo -science both claim to master or reveal the laws, but because they are not in line with the other two other elements, they are obviously different from science.

The second element of science is the spirit of science, including three contents: questioning, independence, and unique.Building doubts, independence, and uniqueness with concepts, questioning, and independence are still the scientific spirit, the only thing is scientific research methods.Third, there are some sciences that are proof, logical analysis, refinement, experiments, weight, and so on. These are still research methods.Scientific methods are scientific research methods, including three contents: logic, quantitative and empirical.An important reason why scientific theories did not produce scientific theories in ancient China were the practicality caused by traditional Chinese culture.However, the practical vision is not large enough, and the development space sets a very small space. Once the reality does not put forward direct requirements, it has no motivation for development.However, scientific research is essentially the purpose of practicality, pursuing the law for the pursuit of the law, and is not limited by the development of development, and has formed a scientific revolution again and again.The technological revolution came again and again.

This is the point of view of Chinese experts. They have never thought about the history of science from the perspective of scientific spirit. They are ignored. Western science is generated from religion. The concepts, logical analysis, theorem, etc. formulated by science are for religion for religionThe theology serves the rules of religion’s deeds, just to deliberately forgotten to raise Western science. Copernicus, Bruno, Galileo, and Capeler are all clergy.Using the logical tools of ancient Greece to draw the flaws of theology, not the so -called pursuit of freedom, it means that science is to use objective thinking, not for granted freedom.The history of ancient Greece itself is the chaos of the history and the history of God. Although there are so many works, the possibility of entrusting the name is too much, is there a question of questioning!

Therefore, domestic experts and scholars believe that “science” is not the significance of Western Science philosophy, and still the two meanings in the Xinhua dictionary. One is the scientific category, and the other is the scientific spirit and thinking.They artificially believe that science needs a scientific conceptual definition form, such as science is “useless”, that is, to build the theory, and play a text game.In fact, the theory of building built -in is “useful” that is not “useless”. The standard for forming conceptual forms and symbols and becoming a research community is their “useful”.Research methods.

The scientific concepts, scientific theories, etc. that are generated are not all scientific, and not the most important all.Because Western scientific philosophy did not summarize the true meaning of science.

3. Scientific methods are developed

“From the beginning of logic empiricalism, until the anti -realization of Fan Vlason and Fayin fully reflect this theme in terms of science philosophy. However, the dividing standards of science and non -science are not absolute, so on this issueThe controversy of each faction was formed.The realization of the realization; the second is from scientific reality theory of anti -realism, from maintaining scientific authority to emphasizing the transformation of emphasis on scientific philosophy.The theme … and the reason why all sciences are science lies in it that it can be confirmed by experience.The non -scientific boundary standard is the core, and the theoretical system of scientific philosophy is constructed by experience methods, and the theory of scientific philosophy is used by empirical methods.The era of a big change of scientific development, especially the quantum mechanics that was being formed at the time. Its theoretical characteristics were a bit contradictory with the previous physics and even the theory of relativity.Uncertainty, there is a non -local connection between particles, and the movement of particles is non -continuous and non -sufficiently determined.Poppeer, a scientist philosopher who has not been too peaceful in scientific philosophy, put forward a refreshing view that Poppeer believes that the division standard of science and non -scienceThe theoretical confirmation is static, and the proven is dynamic.The Development of Century Science Philosophy ”

It can be seen above that there is no conclusion that the western scientific analysis methods are not concluded.“We start with confusion, and finally get higher levels of confusion.”“What is science” uses Western concepts to create China’s confusion.

The so -called “science” of experts and professors is not the “science” in our dictionary, but what they think as scholars, “with strict logical reasoning, experimental verification, experience summary, etc., and the theoretical results are of course different experts.There are also different explanations. Obviously, scientific empirical or proof, experience or logic are not unique.

Fourth, what is science

It can be attributed to:Science is the scientific spirit and scientific method

Scientific spirit: There is the purpose of understanding nature and exploring nature.In traditional Chinese philosophy, it is the law of studying “Tao” all things.The scientific spirit needs to be independent, tolerant, fair, and practical.The scientific position is independence, so that it is not the capital power of the capital, tolerance can learn from each other, just to distinguish between right and wrong, and to seek truth from facts, it will not be arrogant.

Scientific methods: It is the research of western scientific philosophy, logicism, empiricalism, evidence, etc., including language, text, mathematics, experiments, interpretation, reasoning, etc.It is not limited to a certain aspect, it is the whole, just like the whole of philosophy.Western analysis of thinking cannot treat the whole as a way of thinking, and it is also its defects. As for abstraction, concepts, reasoning, etc., they are all expressions of scientific methods, serving thinking, and can also be said to serve scientific spiritual spirit.

Speaking of a bunch, in fact, it is six words: “Stocking heaven, going to people.”

These six words have the spirit of science, learn the objectiveness of the heavenly reason, and go to the subjective subjectiveness of people’s desperation.To go human desire, you need to use the tools of human desire, including the above methodology. There is no methodology “going to human desire”.

Therefore, whether it is Western Science or Eastern Science, as long as it is an objective spirit and objective method, it is science, not just analyzing the science and science theory as science, because there are also scientific overall thoughts, and those modern scientific paradigmsThe external expression forms of theory, refinement, experiment, statistics, definitions, etc. will also change. It will change with the content of research. There is a scope of applications, which is not universal.Of course, these are not useless, but the “use” serving the community, not the laws of nature itself.

The overall nature of the four sciences

1. Quantitative tools, science is not just dataThe

In a video of Taiwan ’s Chinese medicine promotion, the method of measurement 101 is compared with the fire of Chinese medicine. It is said that the height of the 101 building is scientific, and the popularity of Chinese medicine is not scientific. It is a very wrong understanding of science.The former is quantitative analysis, and the latter is a qualitative analysis.But quantitative analysis cannot leave qualitative analysis, because qualitative analysis is practical.Measure the 101 building and get a numerical value, but this value itself is meaningless. It must be given the “nature” of “high degree”, so it is only in the same nature to compare. OtherwiseIt is compared with the scale, which is “high nature”.So qualitative is the purpose, and quantitative is just a means.

Scientific analysis is like this. What is the popularity of Chinese medicine? It is also a method of qualitative research. Fire is a comparison of hyperactivity in the state of health and balance.The nature of the state.How to quantitative time?有,但非数值化定量(即使认为它是定性,但定性才是本质,说不是定量只不过是文字游戏罢了),而是针对个体平衡对比偏差的比较,比如上火有标准比如口渴、Salmonica, etc. are low, and fever is severe.Therefore, high measurement and diagnosis are a method of scientific research.It is not the difference between science and unscientific differences, which is the difference between quantitative and qualitative.You cannot leave the nature to understand quantity. There is also no purification data without nature. As long as it is used in practice, the scientific method needs to be discussed as a whole.And those who only think that data quantification is science itself is a method of misunderstanding scientific research. Data is to improve the extension of research methods, experimental research, etc. Their essence is still logical tools.

The height, fire, diagnosis, and data are the methods of serving scientific science. They are different expression of scientific methods. It is the definition and concept of humans’ definitions and concepts of different nature research institutes.The mathematical methods, empirical methods and logical reasoning are used in it, and it is also for thinking. These are the whole of scientific methods. They cannot exist independently without people’s consciousness.

2. Flower story

This is a quotation of Mr. Wang Yangming and students of the Ming Dynasty.I am defined as a representative of subjective idealism by textbooks. Let me interpret it. If you do n’t understand, look at it a few more times, this can be truly logical reasoning and analysis.Essence

Mr. You You Nan Town, and a friend referred to the flowers and trees in the rock and asked: “There is no outside heart in the world. So the flowers and trees are open and fall in the deep mountains, what is it related to my heart?” The gentleman said: “You haven’t seen this flowerAt that time, this flower is lonely with Ru Xin.

This is the initiative of consciousness, not subjective idealism.Flowers exist objectively, but the connection between this flower is the whole, this is the real world, and it can be understood.”You know that this flower is not out of Ru’s heart.” It cannot be simply explained from the literally, but should be evaluated from the overall connection.”Flower” is an objective substance. When there is no conscious observation, it is material and unconscious participation is the material nature of the flower. The material nature and consciousness of the flower see the consciousness of the people’s consciousness and the overall connection of the objective world.

Modern physics, chemistry, and creatures can all be studied by flowers. The color of flowers, petal cells, pigment composition, flower cell size, composition structure, light reflex wavelength, etc. are all objective, all belong to material, but at this timeIt is not only the objective existence of material, because flowers are objective as a whole, and the color is formed by human beings through a series of definitions through concepts, observation, and so on. With the addition of human consciousness.They are all kinds of cells, light, wavelength, etc. under the overall objectivity of flowers, belonging to the part of scientific analysis. They are the objective subdivision of the overall flower of the flower.The part of human consciousness is still the whole of flowers.

The whole of flowers is the original and objective substance, and cells, color, ingredients, etc. have all added the definition of human beings with conscious ingredients.Therefore, the subdivision has contained people’s consciousness, not the objective whole of spending, and does not rely on the existence of people’s consciousness.

Science has always been objective, as a materialist, but ignoring the dialectical relationship of conscious activities.The observation of modern science and the observation of ancient human beings are human conscious activities. The beauty and poetry given by human consciousness observation, and the cell size, electromagnetic wavelengths, etc. given by modern science consciousness observations, etc.It belongs to the category of “consciousness”.After leaving people’s conscious observation, the cell size and electromagnetic wavelengths will still not exist. They will not exist like the beauty and poetry of the flowers.Objective.

Thinking is metaphysical.Text language can only express external phenomena. Therefore, science, philosophy, and humanities are all expression of consciousness. Consciousness is omnipotent as material. Even the astronomical hundreds of millions of light years is conscious.It is the initiative of consciousness, and the objectivity of material is the same.Learning and use constitute the unity of knowledge and practice, and the integration of knowledge and action.

It is only the main reason for the formation of scientificism to only recognize the materiality of science and ignore the awareness of consciousness.

3. House and lyrics

Still Mr. Wang Yangming’s “Biography”“Mr. said: There is no essence of the Tao, and what people see are sophisticated. For example, when this room, people come in when they first come in, and I see a large -scale.For example, there are some literary algae on the column, but it is just a room. “

Mr. Yang Ming answered the question of “Tao”, “Tao” “objective laws” with modern vocabulary, or research on scientific theories, and so on.”Tao” is not good or bad.For example, when the room here, when we first came in, we saw a overall scale, and then carefully looked at the pillars. The walls can be seen clearly.It may be understood, but they still belong to this overall house.

The philosophy here is a dialectical relationship with the analytical method.Modern medicine has anatomically dissected the overall human nervous system, circulatory system, and so on. There are organs, organs under the system, and cells and tissues under the system.However, you must not forget that they are still the whole of people, but modern medicine cannot be completely spelled into a complete life system. Chinese medicine is used as a person as a whole to graduate and disease.The virtual reality forms a system, and includes the viscera system, the meridian system, etc., the four qi and five flavors of the drug, the floating and sinking system of the drug, and the “Heaven and Man” with the wind, cold, summer, dry fire fire system with the external environment, and the input and inputThe change has become a dynamic complete system.

In the early 20th century, modern scientific theory created an unconventional system, forming the general systemism theory of Betrangfei, as well as subsequent information theory, control theory, dissipating structural theory, classmates, and mutations.All try to break through the “complex science” generated by analyzing the theory and the formation of the theory.And now most people have only regarded them as the latest achievements of modern science, but they do not know that the concept of overall and analysis has made natural change in nature science. Now there are two systems in science.The science of static mechanical analysis and restoration theory, the other is the overall complexity science.

Complex science is opposite to traditional science based on theory. It adopts new scientific categories and new areas that transcend the original thinking and methods. It is not only a new subject, but also a new thinking.The way of thinking.This is our traditional philosophical philosophical thinking, that is, the relationship between Mr. Yang Ming said above, “there is some somaron on the pillars”, which is objective and true.

Therefore, the scientific research method has the difference between overall theory and analysis and restoration theory.Science is looking for the law, requires analysis and restoration, and also requires overall research. These are the two directions of research. There are no good or wrong, no right or wrong.As mentioned above, “There is no essence of Tao, and people are sophisticated.” When using overall research, you cannot use analysis to restore it. Analysis and restore research is to apply more clear and overall laws.But none of the scientific and technological level of history, the development of science and technology requires accumulation.

The above three examples show that scientific research itself is a manifestation of human consciousness and initiative, and consciousness is inevitable to have people’s thinking. For the objectivity of the scientific spirit, the ancients proposed the scientific spirit of “spending heaven and desire”.Try to avoid subjective judgment as much as possible, it is necessary to have scientific methods to “go to people.”

Looking back at modern scientific philosophy disputes, what kind of scientific statement is clear, whether it is empiricalism, logical empiricalism or evidence, they want to obtain laws with objective means, obtain theory, and inspect institutions obtaining obtained from the inspection institution obtained.Conclusion.In fact, verifying theory that these objective methods themselves cannot necessarily emphasize what method to use, but to ensure objectiveness, not the method itself.It can be empirical and logical interpretation.Human consciousness is the real scientific thinking and spirit.

Science and philosophy are the whole (do not mention religion with me is also philosophy. Here is an objective world view represented by dialectical materialism). The overall thinking and analysis of science is the whole.Logic is the overall, experimental research and logical reasoning as the whole, theoretical and practice is the whole, the definition and analysis judgment of the concept, and the analysis method. In the so -called analysis method, science is the analysis itself has lost science consciousness, scientific theoretical forms and scienceThe research process is also the whole, because the existence of this theory is different, whether it is text or the symbol.

What is often controversial science, scientific expression forms, etc., are a human conscious activity. Using language expression must not completely describe the science process, because it is the process of thinking, it is a “metaphysical” form of the form of “metaphysics”.It is the form of philosophy and cannot exist according to the concept.It is wrong to put any labels to them. It is necessary to truly understand the concept of “saving heaven and human desire”.

Fifth, the purpose of philosophy

Science and philosophy are foreign nouns, but it has become popular with people’s hearts.However, “learning” is the spread of knowledge, but how can it really receive knowledge after spreading? Traditional “learning” can better express the meaning of schooling and use.

“Scientific knowledge is based on the facts determined by observation and experiments, and scientific knowledge is derived from the facts.” “Philosophy” is a study of people’s doctrine. At the same time, recognize the outside world.The axioms, without objective overall axioms, all scientific theories will inevitably collapse.This is the purpose of philosophy, and the ultimate of philosophy is the overall objective.

The thinking process is form logic and dialectical logic. It is a bridge connecting scientific goals and scientific methods. It can be said to be the purpose of philosophical research.Logical reasoning must have an ultimate axioms (facts), and it will be a sophisticated sophistry to become what you want.In traditional Chinese philosophy is to establish a axiom, that is, “heaven”, which is “Tao”, so it is necessary to “save heaven”. All logical thinking is human thinking.”Go to people” tools.

But Western philosophy is theological religion or philosophy, and it is no longer clear, so only science.This is the defect.Einstein said that philosophy is the mother of science, and “philosophy is dead” is Hawking’s famous saying, and scientific philosophy is already contradictory.Science requires the world view and methodology of philosophy. The West thinks that philosophy and science are separated. It just shows that there is no overall thinking, no overall view, and philosophy is ubiquitous. As long as human consciousness exists, it is necessary to understand philosophy., Without producing many scientific -style religious behaviors.

而这几十年科学宣传的同时,缺少了哲学的认识,辩证唯物主义当成了政治学说,把人的意识阵地放弃,西方简单而缺乏整体思维,把人的意识与物质分离的哲学基础,产生The contradiction between religion and science has developed into various social ideology. Religious believers are increasing day by day, and scientific confusion thinking.

This is a problem with the guidance philosophy of Western civilization.It not only makes the position materialism, but the genetic understanding of dialectical materialism is only material and unknown, and the relationship between material and consciousness is split.One type of “scientificism” that constitutes mechanical and creative power has become the resistance that hinders the historical process of social history.

And people lack the support of spiritual power, and have produced many souls that look for answers from religion.The mainstream ethics and morality in Chinese traditional culture originally took care of people’s hearts.But because of scientificism, it is a kind of destruction of traditional morality as a random explanation of Western abstinence.

Six, scientificism

Science consciousness and incorrect use of science transform into scientific ideology.Many times now, our society can really use science, and the ability to guide practice with the correct methodology is still very low. The root cause is that only in scientific knowledge teaching and dissemination, it is a passive acceptanceThinking, this forms religious ideology. It seems that the scientific knowledge of spreading is right, which is objective.In fact, science is conscious, and the subjective reflection of the objective world. If you use wrong methods to study objective things, it is not the correct result. Even if the correct scientific theory has its scope of use, it cannot be applied in an excess. It mustApply under the theoretical conditions.At the same time, the logical method cannot be correctly made, such as the random label, no basis inference, etc., are subjective conscious behaviors. Science is not a label, and science is the correct thinking process.

Science is the process of thinking. It must be rigorous and objective, otherwise it is anti -science in itself. It is not whether it is the identity, whether it is a country, and whether it is a tradition and modernity.And tools.

It is believed that science is only available in ancient Greece, science is analyzed, science is labeled with doctors, academicians, and doctors. All kinds of phenomena are anti -scientific spirit.Science is an objective and overall conscious response, and it is the reaction of consciousness under the guidance of dialectical materialism, but now it is divided into dialectics and forms scienceism.When the two are incompatible, scientificism will inevitably oppose dialectics. This kind of struggle is everywhere. Traditional Chinese medicine is the front line of this struggle. It is like I wrote earlier.Had!

For example, denying practicality, for example, how to calculate mathematics, the process of gaining knowledge is science, but this is just an external form of science.Another example is that science is “useful”, and it is said that science is not what “Practice theory” says: “Theoretical knowledge comes from practice, through practical rise, summarization, abstraction, and general, then go back to guide practice. I did not expect Greece.People have made an extremely special decision, and this root is cut off. The knowledge comes from useless, and his goal is useless.

Practice is in the philosophical sense. The theoretical thinking is practice. Experiments are also practical, logical reasoning, and practice. The summary and rise of experience are all practice, which is the manifestation of human consciousness. Therefore, science is practice.The literal understanding of “practical” scientificism does not know the philosophical meaning of the internal laws of practice.

It is not a real science that believes that the concept of science and philosophy is not true, and there is no science that is separated from philosophy.The solution is the integration of traditional philosophy and contemporary Marxism. It uses new theoretical innovation to clarify the overall thinking method, and truly reflects the scientific thinking of “saving heaven and desire”.

7. Practice is the only criterion for testing the truth and the integration of knowledge and action

Take a paragraph of Wang Yangming’s theory of knowledge and deeds. Practice is the only criterion for truth.”Passing the Record” “The integration of knowledge and action, a certain idea of knowing that it is the idea of doing things, and the kung fu of knowledge; knowledge is the beginning of the line, and the line of knowledge.If you get it, you only say that one knows, and you have to do it.Therefore, the ancients said that they both knew and said that there was only a kind of person in the world. They did it anywhere to do it.Yes; there is another kind of person who is thinking about it, and he refuses to do it practically, but it is just an influence, so you must say that you know it.”

“The integration of knowledge and action” is the combination of theory and practice to inspect the theory in practice.But now many times, knowing to know, is only to know the theory of science, and do not know how to use the theory to separate the methodology of philosophy from science.I only know the theory of science, and I do n’t think about how this theory should be used.Disclosure, “it is just a touch of influence”, waving science sticks, disrupting social consciousness and thinking.

Understand why science has a conscious existence to guide the unity of theory and practice, and to obtain the goal of knowing the unity of knowledge. For forty years, this sentence does not understand.

8. End: Understand our position

Science is an integral part of human society. Politics, culture, economy, and language all affect the development of scientific development, and scientific factors also affect them in turn.In the form of western science, you can study and cooperate with each other in the community. Concept definition, definition of symbols, mathematics tools, and experimental tools all play a role. This role is also a reduction of people’s thinking.The symbol has achieved the purpose of “saving heaven, going to human desire”, improves efficiency, and catalyze the process of modern Western industrialization.

The political closure of the Oriental and Qing dynasties has hindered the process of Huaxia civilization and defeated in the process of industrialization.China’s century -old history is not the defeat of the scientific spirit, but the defeat of political and economic.Our modern lack is an external form of modern science. This external concept, symbols, experimental tools, etc. are to study the needs of the community, not the whole of science.The paradigm is carried out under the same paradigm.It does not mean that China does not have science. Chinese science has its own paradigm and appearance language style.

The discharge and exchanges of the Chinese scientific theory that is not adapted to large -scale communication and cannot quickly form productive forces. It is a change in the historical development process of scientific paradigm on social economy. This is the result of the multi -factor role of human society.Conclusion that China has no science, but has worshiped western science.

The connotation of science is to discover the truth and promote development, not worship.Therefore, when domestic fine flies worship Western science, the ability to study truth research has been lost, the true scientific spirit has been lost, and there is no realm of individual spiritual freedom.Don’t look at what they said verbally, but depending on what they do, the worship itself is betrayal of the scientific spirit, and the West is the shackles of experts and scholars for the Chinese revival. This style is still in the style.Continue to make a lot of thinking, it is not free thinking, but limiting thinking.

When most audiences do not have an objective methodology as their own master, they will be led by public opinion, will be led by power, and will be led by money. The scientific popularization will be seriously lacking in methodology.This is also the case for popular education. There are more and more knowledge of knowledge, but they have unique methodologies. On the one hand, they increase the burden of education and waste educational resources, just like the shortcomings of the same bucket of water, and the assembly is dissatisfied.The results of previous citizenship surveys have also proved this.

Only under the guidance of traditional and dialectical philosophy continued to develop science, and the current only spreads the knowledge part, the theoretical form section violates this philosophical concept, and in turn hinders the development of our philosophy. It should be soberly considered.Our traditional philosophy and dialectical materialism are the same correct worldview and methodology.Only by understanding science’s conscious attributes can we understand the emergence of authentic and pseudo -science, and the emergence of authentic science and pseudo -science popularization can there be the reason for scientificism. This is the concept of true transformation.

People do n’t see ancient times today,

This month, I used to follow the ancients.

If the ancients are flowing today,

This is the same to see the moon.

When you are willing to be a song,