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Tuqiang Second Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing carried out 2023 China Aerospace Day theme education activities

April 24 this year is the 8th China Aerospace Day.On the morning of the same day, the Chinese Aerospace Day theme education activity was officially opened in 2023, Haidian District, Haidian District, Beijing.The class astronomy competition is also officially launched.

“Astronaut” welcomes students to enter the school to create an “aerospace” atmosphere

“Good morning, classmate!” In the early morning of April 24th, five small “astronauts” wearing “aerospace uniforms” stood at the entrance of the school enthusiastically welcomed every student who entered school.

From the entrance of the school to the campus, it was carefully arranged, and the “aerospace” atmosphere was full.The balloon models such as astronauts and manned rockets are placed in front of the school gate. The entrance passage is posted on the school passage with various aerospace questions. For example, “What did the white cloth on the space service?””Members?”Aerospace theme painting.

At the same time, on the east side of the school playground, the “Tiangong Painting Exhibition” finalists exhibition was arranged, exhibiting the theme painting of the students of the school; on the west side of the school playground, the “flowing Beijing Astronomical Museum” and various astronomy were arranged.Knowledge exhibition boards and interactive instruments, including the moon, Mars scales, lunar scales, optical turntables and other instruments, as well as the real objects such as South Dan iron meteorites.

Cao Xicheng, a scientific teacher of the school, introduced that the Chinese aerospace theme education activity is a traditional project of the school. There are also many aerospace elements in the school’s science and technology festival. The biggest highlight of this year’s activity is cross -disciplinary integration., Chinese literacy, scientific and technological literacy, etc. I hope that children can get out of the classroom and experience something they cannot touch or encounter in the classroom.Knowledge.”

President Huang Xueying sent a message: “The theme of Chinese Astronautics this year is‘ Gedu Knowing the Sky ’. I hope that in the study life, students can understand the principles of things through observation, analysis and practice, study the laws, and use scientific methods to solve problems.”

Children of Aerospace Star Kindergarten also came to the event scene.Teacher Zhongzhong, who led the team, said that the critical period of the young connection every year will bring kindergarten children to visit a nearby elementary school to allow children to feel the school’s atmosphere in advance.

The science show sparked screams. Students shared aerospace stories on the spot

“Classmates, count the countdown with me.” “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch!” With the countdown of the teachers and students of the school, several rocket models in front of the playground were lifted off in turn, and in the skyOut of an arc.Such a cool aerospace popularization activity is just the opening, and the school also prepared a wonderful science show that day.

How did the Rockets rise?What is the secret of rocket fuel?How to blow a two -meter -long plastic bag in one breath?What is the difference between the environment of the space environment and the environment in our lives … There is a small experiment behind each problem. In the experiment, the host of the science show guides students to understand the relevant knowledge of reflection, catalytic reactions, air dynamics, and liquid nitrogen.The atmosphere at the scene was warm. Many students raised their hands high when the teacher asked randomly, and even stood up directly.

In addition to the science show, some students also shared the story of themselves, family and aerospace.Lu Zijun and Grandma in the fifth grade on the stage came on stage.Lu Zijun shared his own thinking about his grandparents and parents, and the two generations of their parents about the spirit of aerospace. “Grandma said that the spirit of aerospace is particularly hard -working, special fighting, specially capable, and special dedication ‘.Dreams, courage to explore, cooperate, and win -win cooperation ‘. For me, as a young pioneer in the new era, now we study hard and promote the spirit of aerospace, dream of starry and stars, and strive to be a qualified successor in the future.”” “

Grandma shared the experience as an older generation of astronauts. The students who sent the sayings should study hard and love the motherland.people!”

During the Spring Festival of 2023, the paintings of Dong Jiani, a second elementary school student, appeared in the “Tiangong”. On the same day, she also shared her aerospace dream.The microphone can talk to the vast starry sky; I am a planet builder and build Mars to build a human second home. “, Play in the moon, explore in the universe! “

Geng Xia, who likes to chase “Star” from an early age, said that he has shot the space station for more than a year. Watching the space station starts from a core compartment, constantly transforms, and constantly changes the configuration until the three -cabin T -shaped was completely built for the complete construction of the T -shaped T -shaped.The motherland is proud and proud.

Aerospace experts enter the campus, the school has hired more than 40 scientific and technological experts

On the same day, the school awarded a letter of employment to five experts from the aerospace department. In the future, it will enter the campus as science and technology experts, bringing more aerospace knowledge and activities to students.

Tuqiang Second Primary School is the Haidian District Science and Technology Education Demonstration School and Astronomical Education Base School. In 2022, it was rated as the first batch of national astronomical science education characteristic schools. In March this year, it was awarded Beijing Science and Technology Education Demonstration School.In the development of scientific and technological education in schools, it is inseparable from the help of outside school experts.

As of now, the school has accumulated more than 40 experts from the Beijing Observatory, Beijing Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Observatory and other scientific research institutions. It has also absorbed nearly 200 parents as volunteers from foreign science and technology education.