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Teach you to conduct scientific exercise and create physical flexibility

Teach you to conduct scientific exercise and create physical flexibility
Fitness, maybe people think of the most strong men, with large muscles, body firmness and no flexibility, and high shoulder wide strength. It seems that girls may not like them too much.But is it really like this? Of course not, some fitness people are flexible and have no excessive muscle size. They can be called “thin clothes and meat.”

1. Three focus of physical coordination
1. The flexibility of the joint

As the saying goes, the child’s body is soft. This is not a child’s muscle problem, but a joint problem that people do not often pay attention to.The vertical fork in the training is to use the power of opening the hips, not the effect of stretching the thigh muscles; the lower waist is also the same, but it only uses the flexibility of the lumbar and thoracic spine to complete it.So, how can the flexibility of the joint be enhanced?Look at these suggestions.

(1) Lower waist

The action of the lower waist may be more friendly to dance students, and it is not used in fitness, but it can be used to enhance the flexibility of the joint.If it is on the abdomen and the chest, it is usually very difficult to do. You can try to do some simple hip bridges and half -waist, and practice slowly.

(2) Vertical fork

The so -called vertical fork is to separate both feet back and forth, forming a horse shape, and stand upright in the upper body.It is used to practice the front and rear sides of the thigh and the flexibility of the hip, especially the hip joint. Although the rope muscles and gluteal muscles will feel pain during the practice process, if you persist, if you feel difficult, you can choose a yoga square on the thigh to relieve the pain.Essence

(3) Hook back

Hook back, that is, with both hands up and down from the back, try your best to touch the other hand.Repeated exercises can enhance the elasticity of the shoulders. You must know that the flexibility of the shoulder is not only one shoulder joint, but also the thoracic vertebra has a great effect, so you cannot train humpback during exercise.

2. Core stability and powerful

Dancing people often pursue a core stability and require good coordination.Similarly, don’t underestimate fitness, fitness also has core stability requirements, because the stronger the core, the more stable performance in all aspects of the body, the more complicated and stronger exercise ability.EssenceSo where is the core of the body?There are two parts of the Internet, one is the waist and abdomen, and the other is the shoulder part.

(1) Core stable training of waist and abdomen

The training of the waist and abdomen is usually a supporting training. It has a special training method for the four parts of the waist, abdomen, hips, and legs.Generally, the main training methods are durler, board support, and abdomen support. Of course, if physical fitness allows, you can also try to practice the dragon flag or human body flag, which will help the core stability of the waist.

(2) Shoulder heart stability training

There are two core parts in the above, the other is the stability of the shoulders.There are also two ways to exercise the stability of the shoulder heart, which are the inverted movements of the support class and the traction of the suspension class. The latter is mainly targeted at the collarbone, which can have the effect of shoulder stability exercise.

3. Top muscle coordination

What most people may not know is the explosive power of human coordination. This is the coordination of the burst muscles. It is usually used to play basketball bouncing and parkour Double Kingdoms such as strong coordination.

(1) Bounce training

Most of the bouncing training that people think of is the form of vertical jump in place.However, it is rare that it is another more complicated exercise training, such as a column and a jumper. These require people’s strong physical fitness to complete.

(2) The outbreak of the upper limbs

The so -called outbreak of the upper limb is to focus on the position of the arm and do some explosive action training.For example, some simple push -ups and tracts are upward. Of course, if conditions permit, you can also try a two -force arm.

2. Use resistance to improve coordination and muscle ability
1. The resistance with a pot is squat

The movement is simple and easy to learn. Just make the strap go above the knees, keep the back straight, the feet are separated from the shoulders with width, extending the toes with force, holding the pot bell with both hands.After being ready, start squatting. Pay attention to the strength of the hip muscles. Do not be too fast. Pay attention to the average speed.

2. Push -up lyric of resistance band

When push -ups increase the resistance element, the training intensity also increases.During the exercise, a smaller distance is separated by both feet. It should not be too large. Put your body down slowly according to the movement, and slowly lift it slowly after putting it in a certain position.

3. Lift your legs after the resistance belt

Similarly, add anti -resistance elements on the basis of back -raising legs.Use a strap to first put on the knees, lean forward, hold the wall with one hand, and then take a step back to complete the kick movement.It should not be too fast when doing this action. Remember to change to another leg after a certain amount.