Sticking freedom education is not education
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Sticking freedom education is not education

□ Liang Yufei (Hexi College)
Recently, many “educational experts” interviewed students to blame students to “play with their own minds” and asked students to throw or destroy their beloved models and hand -made videos to become popular.Student for the name of the name.( on May 6)
The so -called “educational experts” home visits have not been proposed to have constructive education methods, nor do they give children and parents substantial help. Instead, they use models to hinder learning as the reason.People are not comfortable.”Education without punishment is not education.” It sounds a bit awkward.If a way of educating a student’s nature, if the purpose of education has become a control, how can this education be considered a good education?Furthermore, can this “education” really be called education?
The original intention of home visits is to let teachers understand the family situation of students, promote home -school cooperation, and educate people together. It should not be a means of “knocking” students for teachers.Let students break the toys in front of the parents, which may highlight the authority of parents and the authority of the teacher. Perhaps this “Name of Investment Famous” learning declaration can make parents and teachers please, but what do students get?We cannot use a administrative, stubborn way to train students’ obedience. What we want to cultivate is talented talents with innovative thinking and integrity, not the “finished product” produced in the educational assembly line.
Do not deny that teachers and parents have richer life experience, social experience, and educational experience compared to students who have not yet stepped out of the society, and can point their children a way.But this one pointed out that the road is suitable for children. Children love to walk, and they can’t go. Whether he will achieve greater achievements on this established road is unknown.You know the shoes without fit. Even as a “educational expert”, how can you easily endorse the child’s life. Why not listen to the children’s thoughts?
It can be seen that the idea of “everything is good, only high grades” are still ingrained in the minds of the public, and they are still regarded by many educated workers.If you adhere to the educational orientation of “the first test” and “only theory”, if educators cannot do “teaching according to their aptitude”, but everything is raised, and the templates of “good students” are rudely moved to other students.Most students’ quality education and comprehensive development are bound to be difficult to advance.Education is not a formula, students are not assembly line products, nor are the vassals of education industrialization.
Good education is rooted in affirmation. The German educator Tisdo had such a discussion, “The art of teaching is not to teach the ability, but to wake up and encourage them.” To make a model, it requires fine polishing parts, stitching, and need to be stitched.To assemble, it needs to be rendered.Why can the “educational expert” only think of “playing with the mind”, but did not praise the child’s “soul and cleverness”?There is no affirmation and encouragement. It is incomplete that the education of students’ personality is heresy, and the education of the comprehensive development of the educated people is incomplete.
Not long ago, some of the posts on the media platform were moving.Posting netizens said: “If you all go to the postgraduate test editor, who will make a fragrant cake for everyone?” “I am not reading the material, but there is no timeout for a few years. I know someone must be waiting for me to vote.”Hey.”Everyone must have a clear answer.Perhaps the student did not have talent and advantages in his studies, and maybe he would not be a prestigious school and become an elite.However, the ring on the list does not mean that there is no way at the foot, and “reading” is not the only option in life.A person’s good or bad, future development, cannot be limited and measured by grades.A single grade evaluation has become a stifling of students ‘personality and hindering the obstacles of students’ pursuit of their own development. This is an inappropriate law for education.
The ultimate goal of education is to make people become humans and help every educator develop freely and comprehensively.The grades are not the only criteria for judging individuals, and the end of education is not a diploma.Educators must have feelings and responsibilities. They must pay attention to digging the flashing points of students, rather than restricting the path of freedom and development of students.Is there no free education, is it education or restraint?