[Demonstration of the case] "Three None" weight loss food cannot lose weight, but it hurts!
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[Demonstration of the case] "Three None" weight loss food cannot lose weight, but it hurts!

“Thank you so much, and our consumer’s legitimate rights and interests have finally been maintained!”.

Recently, the Longde County Court tried a dispute over the information network trading contract. Through the judge’s interpretation of the law, it was more successfully solved that the parties bought fake goods online and claimed difficulties, and they were praised by the parties.

Case Introduction

On July 11, 2023, the plaintiff saw a weight loss product on the Internet, and passed the Taobao platform to buy 52 “weight loss products” in the shop opened by the defendant, and paid a total of 4256 yuan. After receiving the goods, it was found that the case was involved in the case.There is no producer name, product standard code, food production license number number, etc. on the product packaging. It is fake and shoddy products. It does not meet the food safety standards. The plaintiff contacted the defendant that failed.

After the case is accepted, the undertaking judge attaches great importance to the comprehensive protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests. It has repeatedly contacted the defendant through telephone, electronic platforms, mailing and other methods to confirm the existence of the information network trading relationship. HoweverThe cost is high and cannot participate in the trial offline. After confirming his identity and obtaining consent, the judge quickly conducts a trial online, constantly interpret the law, and guide the defendant to realize that the Internet is illegal. Web sales must strictly abide by laws and regulations.In the end, the defendant refunded the payment of 4,256 yuan to the plaintiff and paid 42,560 yuan for compensation.


With the rapid development of society, the information network trading facilitates millions of households, but at the same time, there are also risks that do not meet the requirements or non -standard quality of goods.Consumers should try to buy products on the regular platform when buying online. After receiving the products, check the basic information such as production date, shelf life, ingredients and manufacturers after receiving the product to prevent fakes from receiving it.If you buy foods that do not meet food safety standards, you must advocate rights in a timely manner and timely safeguard your legitimate rights and interests through legal weapons.According to Article 148 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China: “The production of foods that do not meet the food safety standards or business knows that food safety standards do not meet food safety standards. In addition to requiring compensation for losses, consumersYou can also ask producers or operators to request the payment of ten times or three times the compensation of the payment; if the amount of compensation is less than 1,000 yuan, it is 1,000 yuan.Except for misleading flaws to consumers. “

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Original title: “[Demonstration of the case]” Three None “weight loss food cannot be lost, but it hurts!”