Add vitality to run the event to promote the development of "sports town" to play a new movement of "sports +" development
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Add vitality to run the event to promote the development of "sports town" to play a new movement of "sports +" development

This afternoon, the colorful rowing, kayak and green lakes were interesting on the water on the water of the Sports Harbor in Shilin Town, Chun’an County, forming a moving picture.On the shore, the audience’s refueling helping sounds came one after another. In 2024, Shilin Town’s first rowing and kayak -kayakness race kicked off.
This competition gathered more than 200 provinces, city kayaks and rowers in the winter training in Shilin Town to participate.The results.
In recent years, Shilin Town has made full use of its unique water advantages. On the basis of doing a good job of protecting the environment, it adheres to the new positioning of “creating a harbor town and striving to serve as a global tourism demonstration”, improves the service mechanism and innovative operation model, and forms formedIt is a series of sports industry development patterns of the sports industry with series of characteristics such as tourism, sports training, research sports, sports entertainment, sports entertainment, and sports.
According to statistics, from October to May of the following year, more than 10 provinces and city boats and more than 500 athletes are trained in Shilin. The “rowing sports” will bring more than 10 million yuan in income to the town each year.At the same time, the town has continuously enriched the water sports format, stringed into line, and attracted more water sports enthusiasts to come to check in. It is a precedent for “exercise”.Filling.
Next, Shilin Town will take the overall goal of “fighting for the first time, strive to create a harbor gold business card; condense the heart and work hard to write the new chapter of Shilin Shilin”, focusing on the unique charm of the “Xianhuo Shilin · Harbor Movement”.The “sports event+leisure tourism” method, accelerate the creation of the “City of Sports” series of events, allow tourists to experience the customs and natural scenery of the harbor town while participating in the event, and accelerate the deep integration of sports and tourism, To enhance the influence of water sports in Shilin Town, create unique sports harbor, and move towards the whole region.